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We are MistClan, and like our namesake, we rise above troubled waters and conceal ourselves from that which would do us harm. Born from the desperate union of Night and Rain, we hold characteristics of both legacies, but the path we walk is distinct. After all, a child is not the perfect copy of its parents. We beholden ourselves to no one, and the wise would do well to remember this.

Our territory is beautiful and lush. Blessed with water - some would say too much water - we are guardians of the Misted Lake, of black marshlands and somber pine forests. You’ll have to excuse our arrogance; it’s hard to be anything else when the biggest share of resources belongs to us. It is not all boundless plenty and softly lapping shores, though. Dangerous creatures can be found lurking everywhere from the gnat-choked marshes to the top of the tallest pine. We keep our eyes as sharp as our tongues. Our young are taught to have a healthy respect and fear of the lake, because nature is always unpredictable. But... If you keep your wits about you and say a little prayer to StarClan, you’ll find life in MistClan to be well worth your effort.

MistClan cats can be haughty, vain, and secretive. Many families from both legacy Clans grew up with isolationism, bigotry and conflict shaping their lives. Though these prideful traits still permeate, it would be foolish to say all of MistClan is like this.
On the opposite end, MistClan cats can be sensitive, curious, and fond of leisure. Resourcefulness and loyalty are prized most in this Clan, and acceptance of outsiders can be slow, but not impossible.
Coat types vary but commonly lean towards short. However, a rather unique strain of curly/wavy coated cats are being born in MistClan as of late.
Because of their fishy diet, most MistClan cats have oily water-repellent coats.
Pawpads are very soft from walking on damp terrain.
Scent profile tends to be a mixture of: wet earth, pine needles, stagnant water, and territory-specific plantlife.

01. our skills

fishing & night-hunting
MistClan is made unique by their signature hunting and fighting practices, unused anywhere else in the valley. The Clan relies largely on fish as a means of sustenance, and as such, have turned fishing into an art form. MistClan cats know how to watch for shadows, how to take advantage of the light reflecting off the water’s surface, how to hook a fish by its gills and flip it onto the bank with precision.

Minnow, perch, bream, carp, trout, you name it - even a pike - has ended up on the freshkill pile courtesy of MistClan’s skilled fishers. They are completely at home in the water. More-so than any other Clan in the valley, and use the lake for fishing, leisure, and even combat training.

Another legacy trait from the original Clans, several MistClan cats are also highly adept at hunting at night. Some even prefer to operate on a schedule opposite the usual warrior cat; sleeping during the day and devoting all moonlit hours to usual Clan life. They have mastered moonlit stalking, aware but unafraid that they are not the only thing at home in the darkness.

combat style
MistClan cats excel in using shadows and obscure locations to lash out at their enemies. They are lithe, and prefer to attack abruptly then disappear back into their forests, toying with their opponents and luring them onto unstable ground. Against a truly deadly foe, MistClan’s marshes are known to have a few sinkholes...

Apprentices are trained to focus on surroundings. They leave the tree ambushing to GorgeClan, and the endurance training to GaleClan. MistClan apprentices are encouraged to be resourceful and clever, sneaky and calculating. Fighting, to a MistClan cat, is a lot like hunting. It all comes down to timing and positioning. Their skill in soft, unstable terrain and watery locales make them formidable opponents.

02. our home

misted lake
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wooded island
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crayfish beach
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willowroot labyrinth
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black marsh
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safe clearing
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ambush lake
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03. our camp

camp details.

04. our beliefs, values, and attitudes

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