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Past Calendars by ✸ KATARA ✸ Jun 5, 2021 16:25:05 GMT -5

This is where various announcements will be posted. Useful place to get caught up on the latest Fate News!

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Territory Contest! 2021 BADGE & PREY PRIZES by poptart Jul 16, 2021 16:14:25 GMT -5

Member driven. Great place to play games and get to know each other!

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Amber's [New] Table Tracker by Amber Jul 1, 2021 21:27:32 GMT -5

Advertise your own sites here, or other sites that you're on.


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clawmoon [ lit. warriors ] by shelby Jul 29, 2021 12:34:51 GMT -5

All old posts and finished posts will go here for you to look over at your own leisure.

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May 2021 High Rank Check by Fawntastic Jun 10, 2021 20:44:31 GMT -5
Character Related
Character Related

This is where all bios will be, from start to finish.

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NPCing Gaia a loner by The Fae Jul 14, 2021 12:27:29 GMT -5

All bios that have been accepted by two staff members will be moved here and sorted into the proper sub-boards.

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Mulberry | Tribe | She-Cat by ide Jul 20, 2021 0:53:42 GMT -5

Here you will find a number of ways to keep up and develop your characters besides on the RP boards.

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Earthrise [Pumastar Exit Newleaf 20] by Jet Jul 12, 2021 16:24:35 GMT -5
Earthquake Event
Earthquake Event

Multiple landslides have disrupted the normally flat, dry territory. Hard earth and even harder mountain rock make the ground uneven and jagged. A deep ravine, many fox-lengths across and many more fox-lengths deep, has ruptured the heart of StoneClan. StoneClan’s dens have collapsed inward, unable to withstand the terrible shaking.

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My Never Ending Nightmare [tag Abyss] by The Fae Jul 14, 2021 19:48:16 GMT -5

Banks have burst. RainClan’s camp is gone, a sodden memory at the bottom of a swollen river. Water seeps into everything. It cares not for borders or landmarks, flooding over into the pinewood forest and into the scarred plains of StoneClan. Black silt and dark waters churn, hungry to swallow up everything in their path.

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Muddy Waters [Emberlight Evac] by mintedstar/fur Jul 18, 2021 0:38:02 GMT -5

A forest of tilted trees, damaged, exposed roots and broken earth. The ravine that started in StoneClan has cracked all the way to TreeClan. Snapped limbs and rotten stumps litter the once peaceful forest. Pine leans into oak. Oak leans into spruce. Borders are gone. Rock and soil has poured in from the mountain’s base. The hollow tree collapses under the weight of too many fallen boughs.

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Death of a Forest [TreeClan Evacuation] by Abyss Jul 14, 2021 0:41:13 GMT -5

There is no reprieve from the flooding that claimed Darkstar’s life. The river, seeming to have engulfed RainClan in its entirety, laps at the black pine forest. The ground under foot is damp, unstable. Pocked by sinkholes, beneath the water is sucking mud and certain death.

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TOMORROW WILL SAVE US * NC EVAC! by The Fae Jul 14, 2021 16:50:03 GMT -5

LightningClan’s extensive network of tunnels have collapsed. Again, mudslides have changed the shape of the moorlands temporarily, and the open woods have fallen like discarded sticks. But there are places of shelter, and life still exists in the aftermath of the quake.

All across the valley, the geographical lines of delineation have blurred - or outright vanished. RainClan’s territory is more water than not, leaking into NightClan and StoneClan both. Jagged rock and settling dust mark the forgotten border between LightningClan and StoneClan, the least affected of the borders. Collapsed trees along the forests of NightClan and TreeClan are prevalent, and the only scent that lingers in these places is fear - and death.

All threads in this board take place before the earthquake that rocked the valley! If you create a new thread dated before the earthquake occurs on Greenleaf 12 (Year 8), please make sure it's in this board!

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They Come in Threes (Warrior Ceremony) by ✸ KATARA ✸ Jul 10, 2021 15:03:12 GMT -5
Other Places
Other Places

The surrounding mountains. Loners and Rogues make their homes here, as well as Demon, so beware. The sacred Moon Tree is also high in the mountains and the danger Demon presents to cats traveling alone means that patrols of warriors always accompany medicine cats and leaders when they visit the tree.

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a day without rain || tagged by Fawntastic Jul 30, 2021 0:10:38 GMT -5

A spiritual plane where deceased warriors live without pain.

A misty plane where many lost spirits wander. Some wait here while it is decided whether or not a cat deserves to join StarClan's ranks, while others remain trapped, unable to find their way out of the mist.

A dark, shadowed place where those with the darkest hearts dwell in death.

Distinct from StarClan's territories, Tribe cats ascend to a different place when their lives end. Here, their spirits become one with the mountains and they exist in perfect harmony without pain or suffering.

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