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Past Calendars by ✸ KATARA ✸ Jun 5, 2021 16:25:05 GMT -5

This is where various announcements will be posted. Useful place to get caught up on the latest Fate News!

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June 2021 High Rank Activity Check by Abyss Jun 11, 2021 0:26:07 GMT -5

Member driven. Great place to play games and get to know each other!

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fabrication's table workshop by FABRICATION ★ Jun 9, 2021 14:50:47 GMT -5

Advertise your own sites here, or other sites that you're on.


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Cosmos Above • Hybrid Pokémon RPG by Snail Jun 14, 2021 2:12:41 GMT -5

All old posts and finished posts will go here for you to look over at your own leisure.

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Character Related
Character Related

This is where all bios will be, from start to finish.

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NPCing Moon of the Tribe by Ghost the Undead Goddess Jun 14, 2021 22:59:27 GMT -5

All bios that have been accepted by two staff members will be moved here and sorted into the proper sub-boards.

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Berrykit of NightClan || She-Cat || Kit by Fawntastic May 23, 2021 16:14:17 GMT -5

Here you will find a number of ways to keep up and develop your characters besides on the RP boards.

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StoneClan Territory
StoneClan Territory

StoneClan's main territory; it is an expanse of rocky and sandy land with boulders strewn all across its surface, having fallen from the mountain behind.

Sub-boards Little Woods, Moss Meadow, One Tree, Barren Scrublands, Sky Springs, Sandy Plateau
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Walkin' on Thin Ice [GoldenLynx] by Bri Jun 6, 2021 23:49:32 GMT -5

StoneClan's camp; it is a jumble of fallen rocks all piled up against and on top of each other. It is very sheltered from wind and rain. The dens are located beneath smaller overhangs and jumbles of rock within the larger whole.

Sub-boards Rock Pile, Leader's Den, Medicine Cat's Den, Warriors' Den, Apprentices' Den, Nursery, Elders' Den
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falling apart [Ebonyrain] by Hellion Feb 13, 2021 2:06:43 GMT -5
RainClan Territory
RainClan Territory

RainClan's main territory; the river has many streams that offshoot from it and wind their way around the territory. You can't go far here without finding a stream.

Sub-boards Salmon Falls, Willow Stream, Wooded Cove, Camp Stream, Sand Bar, The River

RainClan's camp; it is a piece of land surrounded on all sides by a stream that splits apart and then comes together again. A full-grown cat could stand in the middle of the stream and not get wet past his chest. Many reeds and ferns grow on the 'island' and within the stream, hiding the camp from sight and giving the cats shelter from rain and wind. The dens are fairly open but protected by overhanging ferns and reeds.

Sub-boards River Stone, Leader's Den, Medicine Cat's Den, Warriors' Den, Apprentices' Den, Nursery, Elders' Den
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Caring for a Friend [Riverpaw] by Abyss May 11, 2021 23:37:49 GMT -5
NightClan Territory
NightClan Territory

NightClan's main territory; it is an expanse of mainly pine trees, though other trees can be found here in sparse amounts.

Sub-boards Bat Cave, Branch Trail, Black Woods, Muddy Pools, Ambush Pond, Pineneedle Clearing
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Promise, but Betray by ✸ KATARA ✸ Jun 7, 2021 20:27:20 GMT -5

NightClan's camp; it is a series of small, underground caverns protected by a boulder with an overhang over the entrance. It is definitely the most protected of the five camps, but floods can be a real problem since it is underground. The dens are all located in smaller caverns off the main one.

Sub-boards Boulder Ledge, Leader's Den, Medicine Cat's Den, Warriors' Den, Apprentices' Den, Nursery, Elders' Den
TreeClan Territory
TreeClan Territory

TreeClan's main territory; it is a forest filled with many types of trees. Sunlight filters down through their leaves to warm the forest floor.

Sub-boards Sparkling Brook, Shaded Mosswood, Hidden Thicket, Shallow Marsh, Wildflower Clearing, Great Maple
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The Future Could Be Bright by Abyss Jun 12, 2021 0:43:59 GMT -5

TreeClan's camp; it is a massive, hollowed-out fallen tree tall enough for three cats to stand on top of each other with room to spare and just as wide. The dens are all located in the huge hollowed-out branches of the tree.

Sub-boards Ancient Stump, Leader's Den, Medicine Cat's Den, Warriors' Den, Apprentices' Den, Nursery, Elders' Den
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The Beginning of My End [OPEN TC Cats] by Justice Jun 15, 2021 19:45:26 GMT -5
LightningClan Territory
LightningClan Territory

LightningClan's main territory; it is a vast meadow of grass almost as tall as a cat with many flowers and herbs.

Sub-boards The Tunnels, Heather Hill, Flooded Grasses, Star Field, Trampled Clearing, Crystal Creek
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rolling around like a rusty nail [Raven/Raven] by Jos Apr 21, 2021 21:42:34 GMT -5

LightningClan's camp; it is the highest point in all of LightningClan territory, though that still doesn't make it very tall, for most of LightningClan's territory is very, very flat. This is a hill in which there are many abandoned badger sets and rabbit warrens where LightningClan Cats make their dens.

Sub-boards Hill Top, Leader's Den, Medicine Cat's Den, Warriors' Den, Apprentices' Den, Nursery, Elders' Den
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In The Light of Morning [Open] by Fawntastic Jun 7, 2021 23:36:31 GMT -5
Other Places
Other Places

This is where all the Clans' borders with each other are, including where they all meet in the middle at the Gathering Place. Most battles will be fought within these boards.

Sub-boards StarClan's Claws, Sun Stones, Open Woods, Deer Path, Wooded Marsh, Stone Stream
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As The Sky Falls [Shadowchaser] by Abyss Jun 12, 2021 0:48:04 GMT -5

The surrounding mountains. Loners and Rogues make their homes here, as well as Demon, so beware. The sacred Moon Tree is also high in the mountains and the danger Demon presents to cats traveling alone means that patrols of warriors always accompany medicine cats and leaders when they visit the tree.

Sub-boards Rook's Hollow, Bouldered Slope, Demon's Den, Rat Den, Hidden Pool, Waterfall Cave, Moon Tree, The Tribe of Forgotten Waters
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To Understand Beauty [Clovermask] by ✸ KATARA ✸ May 24, 2021 16:57:15 GMT -5

A spiritual plane where deceased warriors live without pain.

A misty plane where many lost spirits wander. Some wait here while it is decided whether or not a cat deserves to join StarClan's ranks, while others remain trapped, unable to find their way out of the mist.

A dark, shadowed place where those with the darkest hearts dwell in death.

Distinct from StarClan's territories, Tribe cats ascend to a different place when their lives end. Here, their spirits become one with the mountains and they exist in perfect harmony without pain or suffering.

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