Long ago, there were five Clans - their names now nearly lost to history - that travelled to the valley from a lake to make their home. The destruction of the lake is a tale with a hundred iterations, and no living cat remembers exactly how it happened. They made this valley their new home, and renamed themselves TreeClan, NightClan, LightningClan, StoneClan, and RainClan. For many generations, they lived in the valley territories, undisturbed by Twolegs and knowing relative peace besides what the company of their neighbors brought. The Tribe of Forgotten Waters watched over the mountains surrounding the valley, traditionally separated from their distant kin who waged petty wars with each other over prey.

This relative peace was not to last. A massive earthquake rocked the valley, forever changing the fates of the five Clans and the Tribe. Many cats lost their lives to that terrible day. The Tribe allowed the survivors to shelter in the mountains in the aftermath of the Earthquake, caring for the injured and grieving. This event changed the landscape of the valley drastically, making it virtually unrecognizable from the territories they'd grown to know so well. The Clans were shaken by the loss of so many warriors, medicine cats, deputies and leaders. Many of the camps they had called home had been completely flattened by the merciless paws of the Earthquake. And so, StarClan decreed that the valley could not support five Clans any longer. Forced to come together, the surviving leaders founded three new Clans. GorgeClan, MistClan and GaleClan.

Now, it has been just under a year since the Earthquake struck. These newfound Clans are still finding their place in the valley, with former enemies forced to live together as one unit. Could this be the dawn of a new era for the Clans? Or have StarClan made a terrible mistake? Welcome to Threads of Fate.



If you're reading this, congrats! You've made it to Threads of Fate! Formerly Fate of Five, we are a literate roleplay site based on the Warrior Cats series written by Erin Hunter. We are a long-time-running site that has been around for 9 years now (circa 2012). Some of our members have been around for that whole time and are still here! Over the years we have been through a lot, from large site appearance changes, months-long hiatuses, forum ownership shifts to giant sitewide plots. Despite the many ups and downs, Fate stands strong.

The story that has been created on this site in its many years is a long one, and that story is still being written even as you read this. The year 2021 began with a soft reboot, and many of the earliest plot events and characters are now nothing more than legend...

There is room aplenty for new characters and new stories to flourish on Fate!

But while all of us absolutely adore the characters and the world we have created, all of that comes second to our community. Here on Fate, we members are a family, and we take this beyond just writing together. No matter how many bumps in the road we hit, as a site or as individuals, we are always there for each other and show support in any way we can. Mental health and real-world priorities will always outweigh on-site participation.

So while we do love all of our characters and our stories, Fate comes second, and our members come first.

In relation to this, with our primary focus being on our community, Fate itself is a bit more of a chill roleplay site as a whole. We do things at our own pace and choose for Fate to be a place to relax rather than a fast-paced hustle. Don't misunderstand, we love plots and there's hardly ever a time when something isn't going on, on site or in our Discord. But even still, we like to take our time and let everyone be more active when they can be.

Speaking of activity, even when the site itself doesn't seem to have a lot going on, you can almost always find somebody hanging out in the Discord! With so many people from different timezones (including Ireland and Latvia!), you can find someone around at nearly any time of the day. And in the same way, there are so many members with a large variety of interests, backgrounds, careers, ect., the chance of you not finding someone to talk to is slim to none! We are all welcoming people who love making new friends and bonding over our shared love of Warriors!

Now, something that must be noted. It is very rare to come across a site that has been around for as long as we have, and it's quite the feat! But there are many downsides of being around for so long, and one of those is that our story is very...very...long. The amount of history we have is a lot to handle, even for our oldest of members. The site has held many themes over the years, ones that we are only just now beginning to break away from to bring even more creativity and diversity to our story. That's great and all, but we will not lie when we say that it will take a long time for the site to fully settle down into all it is becoming. With our history being condensed and our future being written as we speak, Fate is going through many changes, ones we hope that one day will be the norm.

Something else that should be noted for anyone thinking about joining us. Previously mentioned, we are more of a slow-paced roleplay site. But what does that really mean? Well, with our focus on community before roleplay, it isn't uncommon for things such as content updates, thread replies, and site events to take quite a while to be done or finished. Our collective activity has its highs and lows, so sometimes things will seem quick and active, other times it might seem like the site is standing still. Things drag on sometimes, and not always by choice, but for us it is better to prioritize the health and well-being of our community first, even if it means that site activity takes a dip every so often.

If this has not daunted you too much, then let us give you another hearty WELCOME to Fate! We are so excited to see what threads you add to the narrative tapestry.

With love,
Threads of Fate



Welcome to Fate! We may be small, but we love new members and are very excited that you're here. Sometimes joining a new site can be a little overwhelming since there's a lot of information and no two sites are ever quite the same, so hopefully this guidebook will answer any questions you may have, but if you're still not sure about something, never hesitate to ask! Any of us (not just staff!) would love to help.

01. registration

Let's start at the beginning. First of all, we keep our registration closed on Fate, so you will need to join our discord and introduce yourself first before we accept your registration. We are a one-account-per-person RP, which means that you will register with the alias you wish to go by on here, and you will not make separate accounts for each character. That being said, you can always change your display name on your profile if you're not totally happy with it, and chances are you'll end up with a nickname anyway. Once you've done that, feel free to start a thread on the introductions board to tell us about yourself, or come say hi in our Discord server! People drop in over the course of the day, so it's very likely that you'll run into one of us (or, more likely, many of us) lurking among our channels.

Once you've done that, make sure you read through the 'Basics' section of this guidebook before you take any next steps. If you need any clarification on anything, feel free to PM one of the staff members on here or on Discord. We do have a character limit of 15, but you can purchase up to 10 additional slots from the site shop. We also use non-playable characters (NPCs) to make Clan life a little more realistic. After you've read the rules, it'll be helpful to familiarize yourself with the setting and the main IC events of the site, so it's strongly suggested you take a quick look at the timeline as well. Finally, we have a masterlist of all the members and the characters they play located in the FateDex section of this guidebook.

02. staff

The next question you might be asking yourself is: "Who the heck is in charge around here?" Here's a list of our current staff members and a quick introduction to each.

Fabrication (they/them) - Admin

Hi, there! I’m Fabrication, but everyone here tends to call me Fab. I have been a part of Fate for about a couple years now, so you can safely say I’m trapped here for good. I’m in charge of looking after GorgeClan, so if you happen to join them I’ll be the one to sort you out. You should also shoot me a tag whenever you want to buy something from the shop! A little about me - I live in Dublin, Ireland and love writing poetry, posts and reading books. If you have any to share, please do! I absolutely love plotting, so if you have any devious cat ideas don’t hesitate to share them with me. I’m usually around during the early hours in the morning and late at evening, so those are the best times to snag me for a question or just to have a nice chat. I hope to see you around! Tá sé go deas bualadh leat.

Amber (she/her) - Admin

Hello there! I’m Amber, one of the admins here at Fate. I’ve been a part of the Fate community for an approximate total of seven-ish years. Originally joined in 2012, stayed for a few years, took a “break” (dropped off the face of the planet, really) and rejoined in 2018 and haven’t left since. I currently do not play any high-ranking characters, however I do have characters nearly everywhere on site. I love to plot and write and thread whenever I can, and even though my life is a mess 90% of the time, I do still adore this site and the community even if my activity slacks. However, even when I can’t be active on the site, I still am always lurking in the Fate Discord, always willing to chat or plot or share memes and love!

Abyss (she/her) - Admin

Hello! I am Abyss and I am a member of Fate's staff team! I joined the site in December back in 2018 and have been here since! I am the overseer of Gorgeclan and I play their Leader, Whitestar, as well as one of the Medicine Cats of Mistclan, Rustfeather. But I also have plenty of other characters in all of the groups, so I am pretty well diverse in my character options. I am always down to make plots and am usually lurking in the Discord, so if you ever wanna chat or need me then just tag me or shoot me a DM!

Jos (she/her) - Moderator

Bio to be added.

Bloo (she/her) - Moderator

Bio to be added.

03. character creation

Now the fun part! Before making a character, make sure you read our rules on this guidebook. You can find our character creation board here and if you scroll down past the sub-boards, you'll see where you can create a new thread. When you're making your cat, we do recommend that you use our character sheet, but you can beautify your post however you want so long as the relevant information is there. The title of your thread can be some variation of Name - Position in Clan (ex: Exampleclaw - GaleClan Warrior or Genericstar - MistClan).
Name: We're not super strict on names for Clan cats, but it has to be fairly reasonable. If you need help coming up with a name, check out the handy-dandy name ideas thread. Also be sure to look at the list of taken names, you won't be able to use the same name as another character on the site. A given prefix cannot be used more than 5 times across all of the Clans, and there cannot be more than two cats in the same Clan with the same prefix. You can also reserve a warrior name, if you like, by stating your cat's future name in your application somewhere!

Age: Please list your character's age in moons (months).

Gender: State your character's identifying gender. Fate is an LGBTQ+ positive space, so they may have any gender identity you could think of.

Clan: We have three Clans that are descended from the original five Clans from the books, and each is described in their own tab in this guidebook! If you're interested in a particular Clan, be sure to read up on them and any major events in their recent history to make sure your character will fit right in. We also have a Tribe that you are free to learn about and join, if you'd like!

Rank: We do have activity requirements for the people who play high ranking characters, and they are outlined in the rules. Generally, these are positions for which auditions are held, and in order to audition, you need to have been a member for at least a month and have made at least 30 IC posts. If you’re trying out for a high rank, create your character application as if they were not in that position. For example, if you’re planning on trying out for leader, write your character as if they're still a warrior. For deciding on a rank for your character, it is also good to take into account the bans and encouragements (located in the welcome table) for each Clan. Apprentices will be assigned a mentor by the leader of their Clan, and in order to become a warrior, they must have at least two training threads of different types. More details on that are also outlined in the rules!

Picture: Your character must have a picture of a real cat. If you need help finding one, Flickr, DeviantArt, and Instagram are good places to look, but also reach out to some of our members! Many of us have face claim suggestions we'd love to see someone use! Be sure, however, to credit any photos that require it.

Appearance: 100+ words. If you’re stuck on the word count, describe their body shape and how they carry themselves, or perhaps their voice. Are they lean and wiry, or stocky and muscular? Do they keep their fur well-groomed, or is it a mess? Do they strut or slink or seem to glide by?

Personality: 150+ words. If you have any concerns, you can pm Fawn, and she’s open to discussing that with you. If you’re stuck on meeting the word count, consider how your character might react in a variety of different situations – when faced with battle, among Clanmates, and among strangers. What are their hopes and dreams and fears? Do they have any odd little quirks or habits that might set them apart from the rest?

Neurotype: If your character has any disorders, neurodivergencies or mental illnesses, feel free to list them here. We also require that members creating a non-neurotypical character explain how their neurotype impacts upon their life. This is to ensure that proper knowledge of this neurotype is demonstrated and the character is not being reduced to a stereotype.

History: For kits: 100+ words. For apprentices, warriors, elders, queens: 150+ words. For leaders, deputies, medicine cats: 200+ words. Some aspects of a character’s background must be purchased from the site shop, including a loner-turned-Clan cat and half-Clan cats. If you’re stuck on meeting the wordcount for a kit, you can go into a little detail about their family. Were their parents happy? What was their life like growing up? You can also talk about how you imagine they'll behave as a kit in their Clan.

RP Sample: Only necessary if you’re planning on trying out for a high rank. If so, just write up a post as you would if that character were in the high ranking position you’re interested in.
If you’re having trouble coming up with an original character or are simply interested in having a character with some relationships in the Clan already, we always appreciate it if you check out the adoptions. There are always cats up for adoption, and plenty of our members would love to talk about them with you if you'd like to know more!

Once you’ve posted your application and your character has been accepted, there are many things you can do! None of the following is required, but if you’re interested, you can:
* Set up an adoption thread. Most people like to give others the opportunity to RP family members. You can provide as little or as much information about the cats as you want!
* Set up a plotter. Interested in plotting with others? A fair amount of it happens in our Discord, but if you want to make it easier for people to see your characters, you can start a thread with some information about them – maybe if they’re looking for any relationships in particular or if you have any cool ideas that you wouldn’t mind rping out.
* Set up a tracker. Sometimes people find it nice to keep a list of their characters and where they have been on the site and the threads they have, as well as who they may be close to and who they might despise. There are all sorts of different ways to go about this, and you can always check out other peoples’ trackers if you’re in need of inspiration.
04. posting

Feel free to start a thread wherever you want, and chances are someone will jump in! Just remember that we do have a 150 wordcount minimum.

You’ll notice that when you start a new thread, there is a box that asks you to enter the date of the thread. We have a unique time-keeping system on Fate that involves real-life dates and IC dates. Check out the calender module displayed on the "News" tab of the Welcome table above! It displays the current IC date according to the current IRL date at all times, and you can click on it to pull up the full information for that IC day. You can also use the IRL calendar displayed on the pop-up to see what the IC day is at any time in the month, or any of the 3 months each season encompasses. Each season is 30 IC days long, and each IC day is usually 3 IRL days long (sometimes 4). You use the calendar like this:
1. Using the calendar module in the "News" tab of the Welcome table above, click anywhere on the image displayed. A window should pop up, displaying the IRL month with today's date automatically highlighted. The left panel shows more detailed information on the IC date. Make note of the date - if it says Greenleaf Day 26, Year 9, then the "date" you want to make note of is Greenleaf 26.
2. On the left panel, you should see a little blurb that says something like "The day's temperature is X and the weather is Y and Z." Copy the entire blurb here.
3. When you start a new thread, enter the IC date (for example, Greenleaf 25), add a space or colon or dash, and then paste that description into the description box where it asks you to enter the date of the thread. You don't have to add the highs/lows or moon phases - those are just there to help you, the roleplayer, give you a better idea of what the conditions are like.
It is also worth noting that at the start of every season, all the characters will age up 3 moons. Don't worry, you don't need to keep track of that, we staff use the handy FateDex to maintain all characters and NPCs on site and update their ages. There are also some large weather events that happen over the course of the season that can be incorporated into the RP. New threads cannot be started on an IC date that has not yet occurred. If you need to make an exception, please reach out to Fawn!

We also have a currency system here on Fate. Every time you start a new thread, you earn 3 prey, and when you make an IC post, you earn 1 prey. What you choose to do with that prey is your decision. We do have a Site Shop where you can buy everything from an unusual name to a cross-Clan relationship pass. Just start a new thread where you specify your purchase and its price, and a staff member will take care of it right away! Alternatively, there are also member shops where you can buy artwork and posting templates from other people. Some of these shops also have deals for new members.

05. ooc activities

Although we have a plethora of OOC boards, most of our OOC interaction takes place in our Discord, so we strongly recommend that every member joins it. If you don't already have a Discord account, don't worry, it is very easy to make one. We do, however, have areas for showing off artwork and stories, and you can always start a shop of your own if you’re so inclined.

We also have an alternate universe board, where you can take your existing characters and put them in different worlds. Though events that may happen on this board do not alter site canon, they offer an interesting opportunity for you to put your characters in new situations that they will never have experienced otherwise.

Though we love it when everyone is active and has time to write, we do understand that everyone has a life off of the internet, so we're pretty relaxed and laid-back. Although we do hold monthly activity checks for high ranks, we know that real-life problems take priority, and we'll never hold it against you. If you know that you might be gone for a while because something has come up in real life, just make a little note in the absences board or notify us in Discord and you’ll get a pass for the next activity check if you hold a high rank.

06. in conclusion...

We are very glad to have you here! Hopefully this guide helped clear up any questions you might have, but if there’s something you want to clarify further, don’t hesitate to ask! Feel free to PM any of the staff members or hop down on our Discord and ask anyone who’s lurking around. We’re always open to helping out!



general rules

1. Be Respectful
This should go without saying, but it is important that everyone feels welcome and valued as a member here on Fate. Treat everyone the way you want to be treated. We will not tolerate bullying and you will only get one warning. If you are having problems with another member, including staff, please take it up with the main admin (Fawn). If the problem is with the main admin, bring it up to another staff member to get the problem resolved.

2. Be Active
School, friends, relationships and work are all important things in each of our lives. We as a whole recognize that everyone has a life but we ask that you be as active as you can, especially if you hold a high rank position. We no longer hold general activity checks, and will instead NPC your characters if you disappear for some time without any absence notice. If your account reaches several months of inactivity and you have not explained why, it will be deleted by staff and all your characters will be NPC'd.

character rules

1. Prey
Prey is the currency here on Fate, and it can be used in both the Site Shop and members' shops (prices may vary). Prey is earned by creating threads, replying to threads, and participation in site events and competitions.

2. Character Limits
You get 15 characters free! Have fun! Any future characters after that must be bought. To encourage posting, the price for more characters is 25 prey x Amount of Characters. The absolute maximum cap on characters is 25.

3. Unfinished & Adopted Characters
New character bios must be completed within 30 days. Kits who have yet to be born on the site may sit as long as necessary. Adoption is highly encouraged on Fate! However, please keep in mind that each member may have their own adoption rules to be followed, so please respectful of this. Adopted cats may be reclaimed if the adopter has proven to be inactive, disinterested, or has violated an adoption rule.

4. High Ranks
High Ranks are important and crucial so we have high expectations for those who play high ranks (HRs). Priority will be given to members who do not already have a high rank to fill empty positions. There must be at least two applicants for a HR position in order for it to be filled. If 30 days have passed and a HR position has not received enough applicants, then the position will be opened to those who already have a HR also. There is a maximum of two high-rank characters per member, and they cannot be of the same type or in the same group. Each member may have one pseudo-high rank, and these pseudo-high ranks cannot be in the same group as their high ranks. Types are: Leadership (Clan leaders, deputies, cave-guard and prey-hunter leaders) and spiritual (Medicine Cat, Medicine Cat Apprentice, and the Tribe's Healer and Healer To-Be).

Interested? To ensure only active members are considered, this criteria must be met first: (1) Your account is at least 1 month old. (2) You have made at least 30 posts.

Please Note...
* Begging for a rank will automatically disqualify you for consideration. Chaining of high ranks is to be avoided unless circumstances demand otherwise.
* At 90 moons of age, high ranked cats will need to have a successor in place.
High Rank Duties Include...
* For leadership roles, high rank roleplayers are expected to be active within their Clans. Clan leaders are expected to assign mentors and apprentices, perform ceremonies, pick out warrior names (unless already reserved), and post in the seasonal Gathering. In the event that a Clan leader is unable to post in the Gathering, that duty falls to the deputy.
* For healing roles, healers are expected to care for their Clan, train an eventual successor, and attend seasonal Medicine Cat Meetings.

Note: Tribe ranks are similar but not exactly - Deputy (Lead Cave-Guard, Lead Prey-Hunter) and Healer/Leader (Skyteller).
5. Pseudo-High Ranks
Pseudo-High Ranks are positions within a group that function like high ranks, but are roles created by the current Clan's leader in order to bolster roleplay activity within their Clan or fulfill a certain role. Each person can have a maximum of one pseudo-High Rank and they may not be in the same Clan as their high ranked characters. Unlike high ranks, pseudo-High Ranks have no activity requirement. However, if your account becomes inactive and your character NPC'd, it is possible you may lose the position.

There is also no criteria for pseudo-High ranks, any character that a leader deems worthy may be chosen.

The following positions are considered pseudo-High ranks:
* A leader of a rogue group.
* The Head Hunter of GaleClan.
* The Head Battle Trainer of GaleClan.
* The Head Tunneller of GaleClan.
6. Creative Characters
* Only natural pelt and eye colors are allowed, with some exceptions allowed for special items and events (within reason).
* Kits are not considered playable until 3 moons of age.
* For those making an elder, the max on-site age is 90 moons, with an additional 12 moons purchasable in the Site Shop.
* Pay attention to the minimum word amount for each section under the character bio.
* Keep an eye on the allegiances section of the welcome table for bans and needs in each Clan.
* Herb knowledge is considered rare in non-medicine cat characters.
* Special powers are given out by staff only, and are very rare.
Uncertain about your character's backstory, need help fleshing them out, or have questions? Please reach out to staff. We're here to help!

7. NPC Characters
The FateDex holds lists of both active and inactive characters in every Clan. NPCs are free to be used as plot fodder, patrol filler, or as temporary rank holders. However, please check the name of the NPC's creator and gain permission from both the staff and the creator before killing them off. If the creator is no longer active on this site, staff permission is enough.

"Culls" are routinely done by the staff if the number of NPCs gets out of hand - usually above 20 per Clan. Favorite NPCs can be saved from the routine culls with a limited number of saves per member.

NPCs are created through the NPC Registration board, and are often family, friends, or enemies of active characters. Some NPCs may have in-depth character bios, so please take those personalities into consideration when writing about them.

Parents to kits can be registered as NPCs, or they can be selected from two NPCs already in the Clan(s).

8. Apprentice Training
There is a provided thread where apprentices and their mentors are listed. The following requirements are needed to become a warrior. The threads can occur in any order.
1. At least TWO threads where one of the following occurs: Hunting Training, Battle Training, Border Patrol/Learning the Territory, Diplomacy (Gathering or interacting with a cat from another Clan). You must choose two different types of threads - so, you cannot do two hunting threads in order to fulfill your thread requirements.
2. Be at least 12 moons of age.
3. Two season changes have occurred.
Medicine Cat Training.
1. One Defense Training Thread [Can be skipped if they were a warrior first].
2. Three different herb learning or procedure learning threads.
3. One Medicine Cat Meeting.
4. Be at least 15 moons of age.
To-Be Training.
1. Two group-specific training threads. For example, if you're a prey-hunter, then two hunting threads need to be completed.
2. Final Assessment.
3. Two season changes have occurred.

Note: The tribe values community, and training is not limited between a to-be and their guide. It can be done by anyone within their group. Feel free to request training from any character.
If anyone has an inactive mentor or apprentice, or has concerns about training, please reach out to staff! Apprentice/Mentor assignments are done by Clan leaders, but the staff should be notified of any issues first.

Fallen behind? Hate writing battle threads? Training Passes can be purchased in the Site Shop. One training pass is allowed per apprentice.

* As of September 2019, apprentices who reach 24 moons without completing all their training threads will be automatically made warriors during the seasonal updates. All Tribe to-bes will automatically be made cave-guards/prey-hunters when they hit 28 moons of age. Apprentices that become warriors in this manner forfeit the right to have a played warrior ceremony and will simply have their information in the ranks updated accordingly.

9. Age Range
Kits - 0-6 Moons
Apprentices - 6-18 Moons (typical, can be older but it is unusual, no older than 24 moons)
Warriors - 12-59 Moons
Senior Warriors - 60 Moons to 80 Moons
Elders - 80 Moons+
Tribe Kits - 0-8 Moons
To-bes - 8-20 Moons
Prey-hunters & Cave-guards - 20-60 Moons
Senior Prey-hunters & Caveguards - 60+ Moons
It is rare for the average cat to live past 90 moons. However, additional moons can be purchased in the Site Shop. The exception to this rule are Leaders, Healers, and Medicine Cats, who can live up to 120 moons because of their connection to their ancestors. Deputies, prey-hunters and cave-guards lack this connection.

NPCs will be killed off at 90+ moons, or shuffled throughout the Clan ranks as they hit these age milestones. Additional moons for NPCs can be purchased in our shop if you would like to keep your favourites alive longer.

10. LGBTQ+ characters, and disabled or neurodivergent characters
When creating a character, every member has the right to have that character be any neurotype or identity that they wish. However, when writing a character with these life experiences, we ask that you ensure you do your research on portraying these characters accurately and respectfully. Especially if you yourself are not LGBTQ+ or neurodivergent.

Any and all portrayals of these characters deemed to be disrespectful will be taken extremely seriously. Our site is extremely anti-prejudice and any transphobia, homophobia or ableism will not be tolerated. In-character prejudices for the sake of story-telling are allowed, but please communicate with the roleplayer beforehand as they may not feel comfortable putting their character in that kind of situation.

Staff will aim to try their best to monitor the portrayals of these characters, but we will still make mistakes. If you feel uncomfortable with a character or the manner they are written in, please make a complaint so we can take action.

roleplay rules

1. No Thread Limit
Don't spread yourself too thin, and try to only take part in what you can handle. Remember that your posts should be written in third person perspective only. Ex: Fireheart peered through the brambles into the ThunderClan camp, wondering if he'd find Tigerclaw waiting for him.

2. OOC Posts
These should be limited to the OOC boards. It is okay to jot down a few notes for your roleplay partner but not an entire four paragraph story.

3. No Godmodding / Powerplaying / Double Posting
Just don't do it. Your cat is not a god, your cat can't auto-hit an enemy. Double posts will be deleted.
Godmodding: When you control another player's character without their consent. For example, you describe how another player character reacts to your character, without giving the other person the chance to post their character's reaction.
Powerplaying: When you decide the outcome of a post and how the other cat is impacted. For example, you describe an attack as landing perfectly without giving the other character the chance to dodge. To avoid this, write your attacks ambiguously.

Don't: Fireheart looked at Bluestar. He could see the fury in her blue eyes, knowing that she believed him to be a traitor.
Do: Fireheart looked at Bluestar. He tried to figure out what she was thinking, praying she wouldn't believe him a traitor for what he had done.

Don't: Fireheart lashed out with his claw, connecting with Clawface's shoulder and sending blood spraying across the grass.
Do: Fireheart lashed out with his claws, aiming to strike Clawface's shoulder.

4. Finished Threads
When a thread is finished, please post to the 'Thread Collection' discord channel to get it moved right away to avoid clutter.

mates & kits rules

Cats who are involved with one another (romance not required) are added to the Mate Tracker, where their relationship progress is kept. A matched pair must have had four threads together before they can have kits. In the case of an active cat/NPC cat pairing, permission from the staff is required. Once a cat couple decides to have a litter, their RPers contact staff, the in-character date will be marked, and the litter will be scheduled to arrive in three site-calendar weeks. Alternatively, One Night Stands are a purchasable item in the shop.

* Graphic mating is NOT allowed. Pregnancy can only occur between adult cats. NO pregnant apprentices.

The amount of kits is restricted by season.
Leafbare - 2 kits maximum
Newleaf - 4 kits maximum
Greenleaf - 4 kits maximum
Leaf-fall - 3 kits maximum

* One additional kit can be purchased in the site shop.
Special Note: Female Clan leaders, female and male medicine cats can also have kits. However, these items must be purchased in the shop. There may be additional in-character consequences. If they are found out, medicine cats, regardless of gender, must step down in violation of the Medicine Cat Code. Female deputies are allowed to have kits. Once close to their due date, female deputies will be put on Nursery Leave while a temporary deputy fills that job role. Female deputies may return to their duties after the kits are weaned.



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