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Plot with da Aqua BY Aqua (Jul 20, 2022 12:41:35 GMT -5)

Need some romance in a character's life or do they just need more friends? Plan personal plottage between characters with other players here.

If you need someone to play relatives or specific characters in relation to yours, please post them in the Adoptions board.

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Jos' Cats BY Jos (Apr 26, 2022 22:20:45 GMT -5)

Keep track of everything related to your characters! Post only to your own thread.

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Have family and friends of your characters that you would like someone to play? Post them up here for someone to adopt.

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You can post roleplays among your own characters or among your character and NPC relatives/friends/etc. here. Each one should only be one post long but it adds to your post count.

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