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welcome to fate

high rank auditions
05.11.2022 From now on, all GaleClan and Tribe cats created will reward their creator with a bonus of 75 prey! GorgeClan and MistClan will have a ban placed on them until it is determined that the populations are more evenly distributed. The only exceptions to this rule are characters who are part of litters that have already been created, so they can age naturally with their siblings.

05.10.2022 We are excited to announce that Gemini's Koisplash will be the next deputy of MistClan! It was a very difficult choice with all applicants being so uniquely suited for the role, and we thank all who auditioned!! An IC deputy announcement will happen in Greenleaf to give Silverstar/Silverfrost time to transition out of the deputy role after giving up his remaining lives.

04.20.2022 We have an important announcement to make regarding recent changes to the site's shop. We have come to the agreement as a community that LGBTQ+ characters should no longer need to be purchased in the shop prior to their creation. From now on, the site's bio template will have a space for you to list your character's sexuality and gender identity/pronouns. We feel the original reasons for making these identities purchasable are no longer valid, and we look forward to seeing the diversity of characters and creative freedom this new decision will generate. Anyone who has purchased the item in the past is free to request a refund here!

GorgeClan deputy auditions are now open! You can apply your character for the position here.

04.16.2022 With some excellent participation on behalf of Fate members, all three camps have been successfully winterized for Leafbare #9! They will not face penalties during the Greencough rolls! For GaleClan in particular, they were a few points shy of hitting the target, but Owlstar agreed to sacrifice a life for her Clan to make up for those missing points. The resulting rolls for the Greencough event can be found here! Because GorgeClan and GaleClan each rolled a few nat 20s, there is an opportunity for anyone to request a re-roll for an NPC if they wish!

12.03.2021 We are pleased to announce that after a very, very tough decision, Whitehawk will be the first leader of GorgeClan! Congratulations to Abyss, and our sincerest Thank You to everyone who auditioned - the decision was so tough because the applications were all so fantastic. The IC transition of power will happen soon. In the meantime, look forward to deputy auditions going up for MistClan, GaleClan, and GorgeClan before the end of the year!

11.06.2021 The Tribe's new high rank has been announced: Congratulations to Minted's Snake for Lead Cave-Guard! IC role transition will occur shortly. GorgeClan leader auditions are now open and will close on December 1st. If you are interested in applying, head on over to the auditions thread. The season of Greenleaf is being extended in order to allow time for us to finish the exploration threads and have the Clans merge. Stay tuned!

09.19.2021 Tribe high rank positions have opened - if you are interested in the role of Lead Cave-Guard or Lead Prey-Hunter, please apply here! Auditions will close on October 15, so be sure to get your audition in!

09.08.2021 The Clans are now beginning to discover their new territories! If there are spots open, you are welcome to sign up for any of the exploration threads, otherwise you can follow what's happening as new areas of each territory are revealed within the Gorge, the Moors, and the Marshes. Keep on the lookout for Tribe high rank auditions as well as Clan high rank auditions - these will be coming soon!

08.11.2021 Welcome to our newest skin! Our site layout will dynamically change as the Clans rediscover the now infinitely changed valley. Thanks to everyone who participated in the territory contest, we have several new locations just waiting to be discovered, as well as some surprises. We recommend that everyone takes a look at our new guidebook. Welcome to the new valley.

07.06.2021 A devastating earthquake has struck the valley, rendering it to an almost completely unrecognizable state. Though the Clans were warned of the impending disaster and most escaped to the shelter of the mountains, many cats will die. Please see our Cull List for the full list of those that have died during the disaster! As the Clans struggle through this catastrophic event, the lines between each of them will be blurred, for the time has come for them to join together, and they will not emerge as the same Clans they once were.

** Special Note: New member registration has been temporarily disabled as Fate undergoes an overhaul of the site, and a complete reworking of the Clans! We hope to open registration again very soon, but in the meantime you're more than welcome to hang out in our Discord if you'd like to stick around!

04.20.2021 Please take the time to read through our Newleaf Announcement for how our five Clans will be merging into three, led by our current active leaders (Silverstar, Owlstar, and Clovermask/star). We also have a territory contest where we're challenging members to come up with what the Clans' territories will look like after disaster strikes! Prey and badges are among the rewards for participating!

01.08.2021 Happy New Year! After the tumultuous year 2020 brought us, staff have decided to extend the December hiatus into January! High ranks are not required to meet their usual post quota, and you are still free to roleplay, but things may be a little slower around the site! Staff are recovering from the year as well, so please be patient with us, as it may take some time for us to accept applications and update things. Let's make 2021 a great year for Fate!

** Special Note: Another predator will be spotted in the valley in the coming days. Keep an eye out for the next batch of the Tooth & Claw event!

leaf-bare, year 9


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medicine cat

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Of The Season Winners



batear & kindleflare


Our histories are written on the scars of our heart, and the cadence of our memories is set to the rise and fall of its endless rhythm. A lifetime composed of beats.


forgotten waters
teller of the reflected sky
lead prey-hunterlead cave-guard
tribe customs & beliefs

We are the Tribe of Forgotten Waters, keepers of the mountains and the secrets passed down by our ancestors. We are small, far fewer than the infamous Clans that clutter the valley below, but we are strong. We are hardy. We are survivors.

The Tribe believes in ancestor worship, and our lives are built around this concept.

To honor our ancestors is to hunt and protect one another, to fulfill the duties given to us by the Skyteller, and to learn as much as we can while we are alive. When we die, and our bodies return to the earth, our spirits will join the others in the place beyond the stars, and our knowledge will join theirs. We become one with the past, and become guardians of the future.

Our elders are revered as much as the Skyteller. Long memories are to be honored, because life in these mountains is hard, and can be cut short at a moment's notice. Our elders eat before the others, and their passing is deeply mourned. Should - the ancestors forbid - Skyteller become infirm, the Elder Council forms to watch over us until they recover or a new one is chosen.

We do not keep 'territory' the way Clan cats do. We do not waste our time spraying trees and rubbing our pelts onto plants, when we could be out hunting or watching for danger. Instead, we mark our territory in a more tangible way. With heavy stones, we create the 'ring', and all To-Bes know better than to cross the stones. All Cave-Guard To-Bes, after their Rite of Passage, may contribute a stone onto the ring. This used to be unnecessary, but Clan cats have proven themselves untrustworthy and selfish; it is useless against predators, but it reminds our 'neighbors' that they do not own everything in the valley.


Kits are given names that honor the Tribe's connection to and reverence for nature. It is symbolic, and meant to remind them of being but one part in a large, complex world. Tribe names are typically long, and as such, Tribe cats go by a single noun out of their name.

Cloud that Chases Dawn (their common name would be either Cloud or Dawn)
Branch of Old Oak (common name would be Branch or Oak)
Den where Snakes Sleep (common name would be Den or Sleep, or even Snake)

The naming pattern is typically:
Noun that verbs (the/at/under) noun (Wolf that Howls Under Moon)
Noun/verb of adjective noun (Sprig of Wet Holly)
Noun on adjective noun (Dawn on Golden Petals)
Noun where adjective/noun verb. (Brook where Small Fish Swim)

Names often represent something memorable one or both parents have seen. They can also carry over one particular word from an ancestor's name, to create a sort of 'lineage' or pay homage to a beloved family member. Creativity is encouraged, though something too outrageous will likely cause Skyteller to gently suggest other, less extreme ideas.

tolerance & tribe law

The Tribe is a deeply insular community, and exposure to different sexualities and lifestyles are extremely, extremely limited. With a heavy focus on 'the next generation', they largely frown upon same sex pairings or alternate sexual preferences, but can tolerate them so long as they are the minority. They are very encouraging of new members, as the Tribe is not a thing of bloodlines, but a lifestyle that can be embraced.

Tribe Law is dictated by the Skyteller, who gains knowledge of these unspoken rules from the Ancestors. Tribe Law typically deals with minor and major offenses. Punishments can range from a privilege revoked to complete and utter 'death', in which a Tribe cat becomes Nameless and is cast out of Tribe society for an undetermined, usually permanent time. Lead Cave-Guards and Lead Prey-Hunters are able to dole out Tribe Law over minor infractions as well. Banishment typically lasts for a season or two, and the banished Tribemate is allowed to keep their name throughout. If they survive and return humbled, they are allowed to rejoin Tribe society with a clean slate.

tribe roles
The Knowledge of the



The Skyteller, a shorthand of their full name (Teller of the Reflected Sky), is the leader and healer of the Tribe of Forgotten Waters. They fulfill the role of medicine cat, knowing many herbs and tinctures to cure ailments. They only have one life, though it may be longer than the average Tribe cat. Because of this, they rarely leave the cave so as not to risk their valuable life to the dangers of the mountains. Even when they do leave the cave, it is never without a large patrol of Cave-Guards to protect them. The Skyteller is led by the ancestors, whose accumulated knowledge is given to him/her freely. Tribe cats are heavily encouraged to learn as much as they can, because when they die, their voice - their knowledge - will be added to the multitudes of ancestors, and this knowledge will one day benefit the next Skyteller.

The ancestors, in times of great wrath or ruin, can possess the Skyteller and speak as many to convey a grave warning.

The Might of the



The Tribe are pacifists, and do not freely seek war or combat for the sake of violence. However, they are not a thornless flower or a baby bird sitting vulnerable in their nest. They are protected by the mighty Cave-Guards; often the strongest and largest of Tribe cats, the Cave-Guards live up to their names. They are the protectors of the Tribe's home, the oasis. Their other primary role is to accompany Prey-Hunters on excursions, keeping careful watch for dangers that come in many shapes and sizes. The Cave-Guards do not hunt, and have not been trained to do so. They obey the Lead Cave-Guard and the Skyteller or Elder Council.

The Lead Cave-Guard is the tip of the spear, overseeing the Rites of Cave-Guard To-Bes, and making sure the Cave-Guards themselves do not grow lax. The role of escorting the Shamed away from the Tribe's camp falls on the Lead Cave-Guard's shoulders, and it is at the Skyteller's direct order that they allow or prohibit certain cats from getting near the oasis.

The Claw of the



The providers of the Tribe, the Prey-Hunters seek out anything that may fill the bellies of those waiting back home - whether it's an eagle or a mouse, they are trained to hunt anything. Adaptability and patience are their strongest traits. They are often the lithest, the smallest, or the fastest of their Tribemates.

The Lead Prey-Hunter oversees the hunting, organizing cats into groups that will yield the best results. They are in charge of making sure certain hunting spots are not overhunted, but that nature is allowed to run its course. They keep a keen eye on the environment, and make note of any changes that may affect prey or their ability to hunt. The Lead Prey-Hunter is in charge of rationing prey in times of great difficulty. The Lead Prey-Hunter can also sometimes be called upon to track down intruders.

The Life of the



The role of a To-Be becomes apparent the moment they begin their training. Shortly around 2 or 3 moons, a kit is told by the Skyteller what role they will train for when they come of age at 8 Moons. The mentorship of a To-Be does not typically fall to only one cat, but they do have a central figure they can rely on, called a Guide. To-Be training is the responsibility of all cats in the To-Be's future specialty (all Cave-Guards pitch in to train new Cave-Guards, all Prey-Hunters pitch in to train new Prey-Hunters). When To-Bes reach the age of 14 moons, they are allowed to undergo their Rite of Passage. Upon success, they become a full-fledged Prey-Hunter/Cave-Guard.

* Because of the dangers of the mountains, young cats lose the status of 'kit' at 8 moons instead of 6.

The Wisdom of the

Elder Council

Elder Council

The oldest of the Tribe, the elders are a plethora of knowledge. Though they no longer serve their Tribe through teeth or claws or keen eyes, they are storytellers, and living examples of a life well spent. Though they have no specific duties, there are times of great duress that calls upon them to form an Elder Council, which oversees the Tribe until Skyteller can resume their role - or a new one is found. No decisions are made without careful deliberation, and at least half must be in agreement. Unless pressed for time, deliberations can sometimes take days.

The Tenderness of the



A nurturer of life, the Kit-Mother is a role that is permanent for some cats, and a temporary aspect of life for others. The Kit-Mothers focus on the birthing and raising of litters, whether it's nursing their own or caretaking another. It is not uncommon for a Kit-Mother to nurse kits that aren't her own, while hers doze nearby and her fellow Kit-Mother is in desperate need of a break. Whether they hold this title temporarily or permanently, all Kit-Mothers are treated with the respect and awe they deserve, for without them, there would be no Tribe.

Though unofficial, the oldest or most experienced Kit-Mother is often called the Matron, and it is her gentle words that help new-time mothers through the kitting. They often hold a little herb knowledge themselves, and are able to send a To-Be to fetch what's needed.

tribe rituals

Always be generous with your prey. We are all kin in spirit, if not in blood. Our survival depends on our unity; gluttony and selfishness are not tolerated. Share with your neighbors. When food is plentiful, eat to your heart's content alongside your kin. When food is scarce, take only as much as will sustain you - and see to it that others more needy than you are taken care of.

Prey can be shared among family units, among friends, among ranked groups as you see fit. It is considered disrespectful to eat alone, your back to your Tribemates like some sort of scavenger.

The Ring of Teeth

The Clan cats have proven themselves untrustworthy. For this reason, we have pushed and rolled heavy stones into place along our 'border'. We do not waste our time with scent markings. The placement of the stones are obvious, and like passing through a ring of teeth - an arrogant Clan cat will find themselves bitten. Travelers have free passage and are free to hunt as they like. But the Clan cats, who have already carved out pieces of the valley for themselves, show greed by enroaching beyond the markers they put in place.

The Lead Cave-Guard inspects the Ring of Teeth. If necessary, the Lead Prey-Hunter may put other prey-hunters to the task of chasing down intruders, with a protective force of Cave-Guards in tow.

rite of passage

The passage of To-Be-hood into full Tribemate is called a “Rite”. The To-Be will be given a challenge, and they must overcome it or fail.

Prey-Hunter To-Bes are given a challenge in three parts. The Prey-Hunter’s role is to feed the Clan, and that means mastering all forms of territory to make the most of such a bountiful mountain home.

The Prey-Hunter To-Be must return with:
- One piece of prey from the sky
- One piece of prey from the earth
- One piece of prey from the water

They begin at sunrise, and have until the following sunrise to get it. They are accompanied by a single Cave-Guard, who cannot help them in their task. Prey-Hunter To-Bes may take their Rite together, but the requirements remain the same for each. Failure means that they will undergo another season of training, after which they will attempt the Rite again.

Cave-Guard To-Bes are tasked with protecting a nest, symbolizing their home and their Tribemates. The To-Bes are to ‘hold the line’, fending off predators (in the form of fellow Tribemates who try to get close to the nest) at sunrise, at sunhigh and at sunset. No more than two Cave-Guards/Prey-Hunters may play the role of predator at any one time.

Cave-Guard To-Bes may be tested one at a time, or they may be tested together, in which case they will have to fend off twice as many predators. Failure means that they will undergo another season of training, after which they will attempt the Rite again.

In the event that a To-Be fails their Rite more than twice, the To-Be must go before the Skyteller to have their destiny examined by the ancestors. If they deem it acceptable, the To-Be may be allowed to switch from one role to the other, as they may find it more suitable. (Cave-Guard to Prey-Hunter, or Prey-Hunter to Cave-Guard) This happens very, very rarely, and is sometimes a subject of controversy within the Tribe.

Once the Lead Cave-Guard/Lead Prey-Hunter and the Skyteller deem the To-Be's Rite a success, they are given the honor of placing their mark upon the Wall of Remembrance. The To-Be dips their paw into a special red pigment, and marks the wall with their pawprint, symbolizing their passage into full adulthood with the Tribe. They shed the rank of 'To-Be' and join their ranked group as an equal.

For Cave-Guards, they place their mark and also have the opportunity to add another stone to the Ring of Teeth at the base of the mountain.

the shaming / the nameless

Sometimes, nature is capable of great cruelty - but even that cruelty serves a purpose. There are two crimes of which banishment from the Tribe is certain: a murder of a Tribemate, and a rejection of Tribe ways. The Tribe is welcoming, and accepts cats of all backgrounds and creeds, however, the Tribe expects full commitment in those both born into their ways and those who find them later on in life.

To reject those ways are to reject the ancestors, and the punishment for this is to be stripped of one's name and place within the Tribe. These wretched few are called the Nameless. The Tribe then enacts an extreme form of ostracization, called the Shaming. No matter one's affiliation with the guilty cat, they are to act as though that cat is dead. Even if that cat were to stand in front of them, beseeching, Tribe Law dictates they are to behave as if the cat simply did not exist. Because, in the eyes of their ancestors, this is most certainly the case.

Maple with Red Leaves stood alone in a circle made up of cats she had known her entire life. Skyteller stood directly opposite her, and she felt her heart catch in her throat at the look of disappointment and gravity on his features. "Is it true, Maple?" demanded the Skyteller. "Did you take Frost's life?"

Maple's voice shook when she answered. "I-I don't regret what happened." The scene played again in her mind for what felt like the hundredth time. It was so fast... He was there at the edge and she just...

Maple frantically looked for Thorn, who had always been a source of comfort, of strength. The tom she loved looked at her as if he didn't know her. His expression aghast and wide-eyed. Maple's heart lurched. "No, Thorn--I did this for you, for us! Don't--!"

"A Tribemate's life was willingly taken, and Maple with Red Leaves has confessed to her crimes. The cost of such a crime is high, and now it must be paid. Maple of Red Leaves is no more. The cat you see before you is, by Tribe law, dead and forgotten." Skyteller signaled to the Lead Cave-Guard, who approached her side with the grim conviction of an executioner.

The cat formerly known as Maple trembled where she stood. "Please, Skyteller - where will I go? What's going to happen to me?" Skyteller's expression turned hard, and though his eyes were upon her, they were unwelcome. They held no answers.

Panic began to set in now as the Lead Cave-Guard began to nudge her towards the entrance. Maple's claws scratched against the cavern floor as she called out to two forms shrinking away. "Mother! Father! Don't let them do this! Mother!"

"All Nameless are forbidden from approaching our home or any members of the Tribe again. Tribemates who are caught interacting with one of the Nameless will be punished. Some may think this judgment harsh, but it is the will of our Ancestors. If we tolerate murder, if we tolerate disloyalty, it will become a sickness that will devour all that is good." Skyteller bowed his head, heart heavy as the stones at the base of their beloved mountain. "Tonight, we mourn the death of Maple with Red Leaves. Tomorrow, that name becomes dust, and none may speak of it for as long as the stars still burn."

casting of the stones

When a decision affects the Tribe as a whole and requires more than just the Skyteller and the Elder Council, the Tribe has the option to cast stones. Each Tribe cat gets one vote, and may put their stone in the corresponding pile, or abstain from voting unless there is a tie. The Skyteller does not cast their vote, but simply observes. Majority rule wins.

Roar pawed nervously at the small stone beneath his claws. The cave was alive with voices, murmurs of discussion and speculation, fear and excitement. He heard the elders speak of danger, and that was a very wise thing to think about. But he couldn't help his curiosity. Holding his breath as well as the stone between his teeth, Roar of Rushing River placed his stone on the larger pile.

Skyteller blinked, nodding approvingly. "So it's decided. We will send a scouting party to see what lies on the other side of the mountains."

current attitude

Under new leadership, the Tribe attitude towards Clan cats is one of arrogance, flaunting their lack of true border disputes and petty rivalries. Perhaps it's all that mountain air, but this 'lofty view' of themselves seems to only strengthen in tough times, many believing that the force of their faith in the Tribe and their way of life are enough to sustain them even in the bitterest of winters.

Outsiders passing through are treated with warmth and curiosity. The Tribe is always eager to expand their numbers, and as long as someone devotes themselves to the Tribe wholeheartedly, they will be welcomed without the usual pureblooded snobbery sometimes found in the Clans.

But Tribe respect and acceptance is conditional. Their home can sometimes be used as a place of rest, a waypoint for weary travelers, but those looking to join must fully commit. The Tribe does not accept weak-willed, noncommittal cats within their ranks, and the consequences for abusing their kindness are severe.

romance & relationships

Tribe cats are typically polyamorous. It is quite unusual to see a Tribe cat who is unwilling to have more than one mate. They generally believe that love can be shared with more than one individual, whether they be in committed relationships or are simply brief flings in which two cats decide to bring kittens into the Tribe together. The Tribe is accepting of all types of relationships, but they frown upon cats in a relationship deciding not to have kittens.

They feel it is a duty of all Tribe members, regardless of their sexuality, to help expand the Tribe and bring new members into their ranks. The responsibility of caring for kittens is shared by all kit-mothers currently nursing. It is common for nursing cats to even share their milk with kittens that are not their own, raising little ones as a community. Adoption of orphaned or abandoned loner kittens is also extremely frequent.

greatest strength

Their sense of unity, of wholeness, is their greatest strength. A small insular group, they pay special attention nurturing the bonds that tie them all together, and do not concern themselves with the behaviors of their neighbors.

The surface of the oasis pool reflected the faces and forms of the gathered cats, summoned by Skyteller's beckoning voice. "My Tribe, each day brings us new challenges and upsets. But don't let it take from you your sense of self."

First, he turned to the Cave-Guards, stocky and proud.
"You have taken your oath. You have become the claws of the Tribe, and it is through you that we are protected, defended from outside threats."

Then to the Prey-Hunters, lithe and quick.
"You are our teeth. You kill only because it is necessary, and bring back that which keeps us alive. Your Lead gives direction to those deadly fangs of yours."

Skyteller locked eyes with every youngster in the group.
"To-Bes, you are the whiskers of the Tribe. It is your job to focus and listen, to pay attention to even the smallest vibration. You are our future."

"What about the rest of us?" squeaked one of the kits, peeking from behind their mother's legs.

Skyteller smiled, looking with warmth and pride upon his Tribemates. "You are the belly that always hungers, and the heart that knows love, and loss, and every breath of life. You are the Tribe. I am your conscience. It is my role to guide you, to heal you, and to nurture in you all that you are destined to be. Just like our ancestors, we are a force made of many. Yet we are one."


* Cracked - To call someone crazy, ‘cracked like an egg’. Are you cracked, or something?
* Beetle-brain - A friendly, teasing insult.
* Caught-prey - Another term for fresh-kill. Typically just referred to as 'food'.
* Giving of close comfort - Grooming and sharing conversation.
* Prey-Hunter - Tribe hunter, providing food for the Tribe.
* Cave-Guard - Tribe protector, guarding the hunters and the main cave.
* To-Be - The Tribe equivalent of an apprentice.
* Skyteller - The spiritual leader of the Tribe, known as the Teller of the Reflected Sky.
* Skypool - A special place in the back of Skyteller's den, a pool that reflects the sky through a hole in the den's roof.
* Tribe Law - The laws of Tribe society that cannot be broken without consequence.
* Ring of Teeth - A boundary marking separating Tribe land from the Valley Clans.
* Nameless - Former Tribe cats who are considered 'dead', and are forbidden to be interacted with.
* The Shaming - The ritual of banishment for those who have committed a murder or rejected Tribe ways.
* Rite of Passage - A challenge of readiness To-Bes must pass to graduate into Prey-Hunters/Cave-Guards.
* Time of Freed Water - The two warmer seasons of spring and summer, considered one season by the Tribe.
* Time of Frozen Water - The season of winter, when the harsher moons arrive.
* Tribe of Endless Hunting - The afterlife where honourable Tribe cats return to upon death and become as one spirit and one voice.