Year 9: Leaf-fall

september - november '21

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leaf-fall year 9 days
Leaf-fall 1 - The first day of Leaf-fall dawns cool and crisp, but the sun comes out in the early afternoon to create pleasant weather for hunting and patrolling.

Leaf-fall 2 – The day begins bright and just-shy of chilly with a heavy collection of dew upon the grasses. Rocks are left dangerously slippery, but prey proves blissfully abundant... by early evening, a biting breeze gusts down from the mountains intermittently.

Leaf-fall 3 – Though the dawn-time grasses once more host dew, the frosty winds from the mountains make short work of crystalizing the droplets into a delicate sheet of sleet. Each cat’s breath can be seen in the air, puffing out in clouds and quickly swept away by the breeze. The winds, though tolerable, refuse to die down even deep into the night.

Leaf-fall 4 - The unrelenting winds bring about a cold-snap that sees prey hiding away within burrows, valuable herbs rendered useless by the gusts, and an unfortunate influx of runny noses and leaky eyes... many fear that an outbreak of greencough or yellowcough among the Clans may not be far off.

Leaf-fall 5 – Prey remains scarce throughout areas unprotected from the winds, but woodland creatures and aquatic morsels can still be found with some luck. The cold dampness about the earth pervades – as does the worrying scarcity of herbs.

Leaf-fall 6 - The day dawns cold and wet and frosty once more, but at the very least – the winds seem to have abated for the time being. Prey-piles and herb-stores alike are cleared of rotten materials... Some are left with more than others by nightfall.
* GorgeClan retains the most herbs and prey due to their environment. GaleClan finds themselves short of herbs; MistClan finds themselves short of prey and herbs.

Leaf-fall 7 - When next the winds come, so too do billowing clouds that drift down into the valley—coating its entirety in a dense, cold fog that smothers everything in its path. Visibility is greatly reduced and the lands seem ominously still and quiet... if such a thing were possible following the quakes of the previous season.
* Cats cannot see more than a tree-length beyond themselves.

Leaf-fall 8 – The density of the blanketing fogs increases throughout the night and early morning... The winds, conversely, have lessened in severity and seem to whisper by merely to stir up the thick smog brought low from the skies. Prey is difficult but possible to locate... predators are possible, but difficult to detect. GaleClan sees a dangerous spike in predators.
* Cats cannot see more than 3 fox-lengths beyond themselves.

Leaf-fall 9 – The intense and lingering humidity paired with the cold-snap does little to benefit the vitality of cats; health concerns are made real as first MistClan finds itself afflicted by a wave of yellowcough, followed by GaleClan with greencough. GorgeClan is largely unaffected, having only a few of their residents develop moderate cases of whitecough.
* Cats cannot see more than 3 fox-lengths beyond themselves.

Leaf-fall 10 - The fogs reach their greatest density yet—piling together in thick, choking clouds that halt Clan life within the valley. Patrols in all Clans are called off and cats are encouraged (or required) to remain within camp until the fog abates. GorgeClan’s territory is left especially dangerous with the lack of visibility, with fatal falls being far more likely.
* Cats cannot see more than 1 tail-length beyond themselves.

Leaf-fall 11 - Still encouraged (or required) to remained within camp throughout the morning, it isn’t until the early afternoon that the fogs show any sign of abating. When they do – it is to a generous extent, but many still feel smothered.
* Cats can ALMOST see a tree-length beyond themselves.

Leaf-fall 12 - It is late during the night when the fogs finally break – a bitterly cold and misting rain replacing their choking presence. By dawn, the lands are drenched but visible for the first time in days. Unfortunately, the freezing downpour did little to assist in healing efforts of those afflicted by illness.
* The fog has lifted, but the lands are slick, cold, and muddy. Sick cats have likely grown sicker if they have not received care.

Leaf-fall 13 - The day isn’t warm at all, but it lacks the same cold, biting winds and rains and the choking fogs from earlier in the season. For a moment, it could almost feel like spring... but the barren lands make it clear that it isn’t. Leafbare is drawing near.

Leaf-fall 14 - A brief respite of calm weather continues as the Clans, Tribe, and Outsiders alike focus primarily on the acquisition of food, which remains challenging. The chill still feels peaceful, but bears an ominous undertone... in a way that does not bode well for Leafbare.
* The medicine cat meeting is held as normal, and it includes discussions on measures to take to tend to the afflicted Clans and how best to handle the outbreaks. Both MistClan and GaleClan suffer herb shortages. GorgeClan has good herb supplies presently, but may experience a shortage in leaf-bare if trading or gifting of herbs occurs.

Leaf-fall 15 - It is a rare day of bountiful prey as many creatures scramble to make last-minute preparations and take advantage of clear skies for what appears to be an early Leafbare frosting on the horizon. Unfortunately, many Clan and Tribe cats remain ill and unable to contribute. Those left able find themselves stretched thin quickly.

Leaf-fall 16 – The desperate rush for the coming of Leafbare continues on a sunny, chilly day as the Clans work to recover from illness and prepare themselves for the coming winter. Though the sun shines brightly, it lacks true warmth and little comfort can be gleaned from its rays.

Leaf-fall 17 - The frost in the morning does not fully dissipate in the light of the sun, signaling once again Leafbare may be coming sooner than the Clans might have thought.

Leaf-fall 18 - The chill continues with strong winds blowing off the lake making MistClan especially cold. Hunting is difficult, with prey seemingly hiding in their burrows.

Leaf-fall 19 - The trees are beginning to look quite bare in GorgeClan territory, and the wind has blown away most of the leaves. Late-blooming undergrowth is still present, but the day is still clouded and chilly.

Leaf-fall 20 – The day boasts a set of malignant clouds and an odd sort of charge throughout the air that sets many on edge. With the coming of sunset, a lightning storm breaks out that sends a batterment of hail down upon the territories.

Leaf-fall 21 - The day dawns with a bright, sunny morning, doing a little to melt some of the hail from the previous day, though the dark clouds return by mid-afternoon.

Leaf-fall 22 - The day is bitterly cold, freezing much of the undergrowth with another frost that may threaten more of the medicine cats' healing herbs.

Leaf-fall 23 - The early frost remains, clutching the valley in its harsh stillness, resulting in a day that's too quiet and seemingly frozen in time.

Leaf-fall 24 - Late morning sunshine melts the persistent frost, thankfully revealing herbs that are not too frostbitten. The day is still cool, but more pleasant than the last days.

Leaf-fall 25 - Powerful winds blast through the valley, breaking down a few of the trees that were already weakened by the earthquake. Be careful.

Leaf-fall 26 – A gentle snow begins to fall throughout the early morning, though only settles for very long up in the mountains. The air is cold and bears a bite to it – modest water sources such as streams are frozen over during the nightly dip in temperatures.
* The Trickling Falls in GorgeClan’s territory have frozen over.

Leaf-fall 27 – Temperatures continue to dip lower as Leafbare fast approaches; larger bodies of water are now finding themselves afflicted with layers of frost... some freeze over to an extent—but the safety of such temporary bridges is hotly contested. MistClan in particular bears heavy risks associated with the incomplete freezing of lakes, rivers, streams, and ponds.
* Prey grows increasingly scarce; MistClan in particular suffers due to the freezing of water sources.

Leaf-fall 28 - Most sources of water throughout the territories have now frozen over, save for the deeper lakes and rivers of MistClan. The lands surrounding the Rainbow Pools in GaleClan's territory are kept thawed and warmed by the deadly temperatures emanating from the marvelously hued waters. The air is frigid everywhere and stings the lungs when gulped down too quickly.
* Clans must now rely on melting snow over moss for a reliable source of water in most cases.

Leaf-fall 29 - Countless arrow formations of birds stretch their way across the skies and the final day of clarity offered to them to fly south. Some take their flight as an ominous sign, others try to take advantage of what might be one of the final pleasant days of the colder seasons.

Leaf-fall 30 – Fluffy snows that promise to stay float down with the dawning of the final day of Leaf-fall. Though a beautiful sight, there are many that take little comfort in the sparkling flakes and fast-forming white mounds of snow. By mid-afternoon, despite the sun’s best efforts, the lands are coated with a layer of snow at least a mouse-length thick.
* Most of MistClan’s water sources are now completely frozen over.

Leafbare 1 – The first day of Leafbare dawns silent and coated with a modest layer of snow—one that the clouds above promise to contribute to throughout the day.