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Forbidden (Panther x Stoat) BY Jos (Jul 7, 2021 18:46:10 GMT -5)

Where every Clan's territory meets lays StarClan’s Claws, a strange upshooting of five pointed rocks which grow skinnier and curve slightly the farther up you look; they look very much like giant claws. At the center is a large, round boulder where the Clan leaders stand when addressing the Clans at the Gathering that is held here every full moon. It is difficult to even think about breaking the truce when you’re surrounded by StarClan’s claws.

Sacred Land

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Don’t Go Anywhere (LynxIvy) BY Gemini (Nov 14, 2020 18:31:39 GMT -5)

An expanse of dark, flat rocks, much like Sunningrocks, that soak up heat from the sun and hold it even on the coldest winter day. It is a highly contested border and often changes ownership between StoneClan and LightningClan.

Owned by StoneClan

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An expanse of trees that are very controversial; LightningClan and TreeClan fight over them often, each Clan wanting it as part of their own territory. LightningClan says that because the trees are so sparse and the area so open, that they are best suited to own it, while TreeClan says that doesn't matter, there are still trees there and it is still part of their forest, so it should belong to them.

Owned by LightningClan as of Leaf-fall #7

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Edge of Dawn (HareEbony) BY Gemini (Nov 20, 2020 13:31:41 GMT -5)

A small trail in the forest often traveled by the strange creatures called deer. It is the border between NightClan and TreeClan.

Shared between TreeClan (GL, LF) & NightClan (LB, NL)

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As The Sky Falls [FINISHED] BY Abyss (Jul 3, 2021 12:02:35 GMT -5)

This piece of land is a pine forest with soggy, marshy ground that holds the border between RainClan and NightClan.

Owned by RainClan

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Pebbles and Water Lilies (Rustpaw) BY Abyss (Jun 27, 2021 21:57:34 GMT -5)

One of the many streams that branches off from RainClan's river and forms the border between RainClan and StoneClan. The stream bed is covered in pebbles and rocks, making it one of the clearest water sources in the valley and many smaller fish can be caught here.

Owned by StoneClan

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